California Democrat Announces Plan to Make Bitcoin Legal Tender

Golden Gate Bridge

What just happened?

California political advisor Ian Calderon announced a plan yesterday to make Bitcoin legal tender in the state. Calderon is a democrat.  Earlier this week, Colorado, which is also a democratic state, announced that they would allow citizens to pay taxes using different cryptocurrencies. Yes, you heard that right - some altcoins are included!

There is only one entity so far that has official law declaring Bitcoin legal tender. It's looking very possible that California could become the first US state to make Bitcoin legal tender

The past

Normally in the past, there has been more widespread support for crypto among republican lawmakers than democrats. This may be due to the fact that the general ideas behind blockchain lean towards the libertarian side of things. However, it is evidently beginning to amass bipartisanship.

Democrat vs democrats?

There are many democrats in California that actually hate crypto. In fact, congressman Brad Sherman, said strangely last week that it can hurt people of color. But luckily, there are sensible people like Ian Calderon that understand the widespread benefits of Bitcoin. Unfortunately he seems to be the only in California right now.

With great bitcoin news from two democratic states in one week, along with the fact that the USA is now the #1 Bitcoin mining country, it appears the future of crypto there looks bright.