Calvin Ayre Starts Craig Wright Bobblehead Business in Hopes of Recouping BSV Investment

Calvin Ayre with Craig Wright bobblehead

Calvin Ayre was a billionaire at one point. This can be explained by his luck in Bodog, an online gambling site that was eventually bought out in the late 2000s. Ever since then, Ayre has been searching for a way to expand his revenue streams.

He thought that BSV (Bitcoin Satoshi Vision), would provide this massive return in 2018, but as it turns out, he was wrong. Craig Wright is a scammer who duped the obvious genius that Calvin Ayre is, and has obtained a rented mansion outside London, along with a leased Lambo and Maybach.

Due to a near all-time low BSV price and failing SLAPP lawsuits, he has been frustrated about his standing in the crypto world. He realized that he needed a new way to improve revenue, so a new product was recently introduced by Ayre: Craig Wright bobbleheads with an inscription on the back stating "Satoshi collectible."

Craig Wright bobblehead

Craig Wright witnessed the new products and complimented his sugar daddy on the accuracy of his likeness. Pleased, Calvin Ayre asked his CoinGeek and Lightning Shark employees to promote it around the world.

Faketoshi speaking
Kurt Wuckert Jr speaking

CoinGeek Chief BSV Historian Kurt Wuckert Jr stated it was a brilliant decision by bringing in physical objects to market BSV, showing people that Craig Wright is the creator of BitCoin. Ultimately, a grand total of 420 bobbleheads were sold, which is around the size of the BSV ecosystem.


⚠️ This article is satire