Calvin Ayre Tries to Spin Wright vs McCormack Failure as Win

BSV dragon logo with Peter McCormack

Calvin Ayre, a wealthy BSVer, has recently tried to spin Wright's clear loss to McCormack in their libel case as a win. The court case took place in England.

The reason for the case was that Faketoshi Craig Wright claimed podcaster Peter McCormack defamed him in some tweets stating that he was not Satoshi Nakamoto.

Judge Chamberlain, who oversaw the case, actually determined in his judgement that McCormack defamed Wright (since McCormack dropped his "truth" defense), but this is really only on paper. Chamberlain called Wright's original case "deliberately false."

It was revealed that since Wright lied so much that, despite the fact that the judge confirmed McCormack's statement were defamatory, he decided to make the damages 1 British pound. That's right, just one. Normally, damage payments total in the thousands.

As noted by renowned Bitcoin journalist Arthur van Pelt, it's quite obvious that Chamberlain formally ruled in favor of Wright so that he couldn't sue McCormack again on the grounds of defamation. There is also a chance that if McCormack countersues, Wright could be charged with perjury, since the judge stated he lied in his testimony.

It's important to emphasize that at this point in the crypto world, it is common knowledge Craig Wright is nothing but a serial liar. Years ago, Wright sued Adam Back and Vitalik Buterin for publicly debunking his Satoshi claims, which he viewed as defamation. Both cases ended up getting dropped and Wright had to pay the court fees of both computer scientists.

Furthermore, Wright is an IT guy that has never been a computer scientist, despite his wild claims. In fact, a researcher showed in 2021 that Wright can't code.

Ayre tried to paint the case as a definitive win for Wright, despite the actual judgement being mostly critical of Wright's many false and misleading statements, stating on Jan 31st, 2022:

"FaceBook & Silicon Valley + MasterCard & Big Banks vs Satoshi Dr Craig S Wright and his ideas. Sounds like a fair fight."

Ayre constantly asserts Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto (despite the fake evidence) and that corporations like Blockstream control Bitcoin (with no evidence) as shown above. He also frequently says that these companies suppress Craig Wright's technology (which actually isn't his, it's that of the BSV developers).

Craig Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto and BSVers appear to have made a critical error in using him as their key marketing tool over the years.


Article Disclaimer: The information in this article is based on research and represents the author's opinion, not established fact. Readers should evaluate independently.