Fire Destroys TAAL Data Center, Leaving GorillaPool as the Top BSV Mining Pool

TAAL data center fire with Gorilla Pool logo

A fire caused by an unknown electrical malfunction has destroyed the only TAAL data center. Calvin Ayre, hearing the news over a phone call from a TAAL intern, yelled profanities and took a big gulp of Antiguan liquor.

Kurt Wuckert Jr with weird expression

In a Miami apartment somewhere, CoinGeek Chief BitCoin Historian Kurt Wuckert Jr glanced at the news and took a few deep sighs, then lit up with elation realizing GorillaPool was now the head honcho on BitCoin, despite the network nearly grinding to a halt.

Dr Craig Wright, inventor of BitCoin and NFTs, released a statement:

Craig Wright slack message


Calvin Ayre with funny face

The damage assessment indicated that none of the miners were salvageable. As Ayre considered the facts of the situation, he realized he didn't have insurance to cover the damage, leaving himself with an even bigger loss on BSV investments than previously.

This lack of intelligent planning is surprising coming from Calvin Ayre, since he correctly identified Craig Wright as the creator of Bitcoin and has worked to bring mass BitCoin adoption to the world.

Analysis by the great Dr Craig Wright indicates that exchange delistings and an all-time low price will help BitCoin, so this TAAL data center fire will surely bring mass BitCoinization to the world.


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