HEN Flew the Pen? Here's Why the #1 Tezos NFT Platform has become Teia 


It's no secret that marketing is one of the most important business disciplines in the blockchain world. A common theme of crypto seems to be coins like Shiba Inu that have little to no purpose, going up insane amounts, while serious projects like Tezos perform worse.

This is largely due to marketing techniques. But that may be changing soon with Tezos. They've successfully upgraded the blockchain 8 times; not to mention, NFT popularity is at an all-time high, and they get new enterprise/government partners nearly every week.

NFTs have proven to be an effective part of the Tezos ecosystem in onboarding new crypto users, and therefore marketing is an essential part of the process.

Tezos' most successful NFT platform is currently called Hic Et Nunc.  The reason it is so popular is due to its simplicity, ease of use, and reputation. Going back to the point about marketing before, The one thing that plagues "HEN" (as users in the Tezos ecosystem call it), is its name, of course.

Hic Et Nunc does not roll off the tongue very well. In fact, how do you even say it?

This has been complained about by users for a long time now. Well, it appears that a group of devs released an upgraded version of Hic Et Nunc, and they've been listening to feedback.

Recently, a new marketplace known as Teia was released as the evolution of HEN. That sure does roll off the tongue better! Previously, the original dev took down the first HEN website and the project was nearly destroyed. After some changes, the Tezos community has restored the marketplace and Teia was born as a result. HEN has flew the pen.

With this new development and all the other recent news in the Tezos world, it wouldn't be surprising if a long term uptrend of XTZ formed soon.