Robinhood Delists BSV, Causing a 9% Plunge in its Price

Robinhood delists BSV

Stock/crypto exchange app Robinhood has announced they are delisting BSV on January 25th. A scam started in 2018 by Faketoshi Craig Wright and shady gambling mogul Calvin Ayre, BSV has attempted to align itself with smaller exchanges in a pitiful attempt to survive after major exchange delistings.

With Bitfinex delisting BSV recently, and now Robinhood doing the same, there is only Bittrex left. It's safe to say that the project fraudulently marketed by Faketoshi and his comrades as Bitcoin is slowly going down in flames.

This morning, Robinhood released a statement

We regularly review the crypto we offer on Robinhood. Based on our latest review, we’ve decided to end support for Bitcoin SV (BSV) on January 25, 2023 at 6:59 PM ET.

It is likely that their "review" was based on the clear evidence of market fraud perpetuated by Craig Wright and his minions. A fake Bitcoin created by a man pretending to be Satoshi is the last coin you want to continue on your fledgling crypto exchange.

As part of the decision, Robinhood also revealed the company would sell the BSV in any remaining wallets and send the fiat proceeds to your account. This move truly demonstrates how much Robinhood views BSV as a worthless asset.



Calvin Ayre, the man funding Craig Wright's fraudulent activities, took to Twitter with his usual gibberish, claiming Robinhood still needs approval from Faketoshi's company nChain, to have any "tokens" which supposedly use nChain patents. Of course, no token except BSV uses nChain's IP, so this is a false statement like usual from Ayre.


BSV price chart


Bitcoiners rejoiced on Twitter and other platforms as they heard the news of the Bcash fork plunging more than 9% on the news.

In previous months, the network has been plagued by an empty block miner, failed court cases for Faketoshi, and general negativity based on price action and other failings. The SEC will likely not be kind with BSV's leadership once they investigate the extent of the fraud. Based on the latest developments, the future looks grim for BSV.