The Story

Started in February 2022, CoinControversy is an independent publication aiming to cover the most important stories in the blockchain industry. From stars like Nick Szabo and Adam Back to failures like Craig Wright and Sam Bankman-Fried, content vital to the future of crypto is reported here along with some satire and learning. CoinControversy also engages in investigative journalism to shed light on important issues facing the blockchain industry.

CoinControversy's main difference to other crypto publications is a focus primarily on the positive disruptors and scams that will transform the industry for better and worse. While no financial advice is offered here, the highest quality content is always provided, so readers are not misinformed about the ins and outs of crypto.


Something often lost in journalism is truly bringing the reader the best experience. To start, the design of the site is kept non-bloated and clear to the eye of every reader. Most importantly, login information will never be asked for.


Disclaimers: Content on this website is informational, not financial advice. Caution is warranted since crypto is a high-risk investment class. Contact a financial advisor for financial advice. SATIRE: Besides extensive real reporting, satire is written, and is labeled clearly for reader view. AFFILIATE LINKS: CoinControversy may earn a commission on ads/widgets. CoinControversy is not responsible for any financial loss.