The Story

Started in February 2022, CoinControversy is a news firm aiming to cover the hottest stories in the blockchain industry. From duds like Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre to stars like Nick Szabo and Michael Saylor, all the most relevant crypto events are reported here. We cover the crypto industry as a whole with careful research, analysis, and a little bit of memes!

Our main difference to other crypto news firms is that we focus primarily on the positive disruptors and scams that will transform the industry for better and worse. While we don't offer financial advice, our goal is always to provide the highest quality content, so our readers are not misinformed about the ins and outs of crypto. 

Our Beliefs

Something often lost in journalism is truly bringing the reader the best experience. To start, we don't run paywalls on our articles. In addition, we keep the design of our platform non-bloated and clear to the eye of every reader. Most importantly, we will never ask for login information.