CoinGeek Sues The Soon Times Over Funny Articles

The Soon Times vs CoinGeek

BSV media arm, CoinGeek, has decided to sue the Soon Times after they released some new pieces exclusively on BSV and CoinGeek that attracted a larger audience than usual.

Kurt Wuckert Jr

Kurt Wuckert Jr, Chief BSV historian, was the first CoinGeek employee to lay eyes on the debacle. He shouted "Communists!" into his computer screen and gave the CoinGeek team a call.

After completing a team review of the situation, the last person to notify was Dr. Craig Wright, the self-declared inventor of Bitcoin, NFTs, and 1000 other technological creations made by others. Once he got the Slack notification, he couldn't hold back.

Craig Wright Slack message talking about the Soon Times

When asked about the lawsuit, the Soon Times stated:

"Sometimes we have a hard time writing stories since CoinGeek already does great satire to begin with."


⚠️ This article is satire