BSV Decreases in Price after Robinhood Delisting Takes Place

BSV in a campfire

BSV, a cryptocurrency created by Faketoshi Craig Wright, has gone down 3% after it was officially delisted by centralized exchange, Robinhood, at 6:59 ET. Both BSV and Robinhood are embattled in their own ways, but BSV is faring much worse. 

Ever since it was proven Craig Wright wasn't Satoshi Nakamoto, efforts at making BSV a successful project have dwindled with each passing defeat.

Propaganda won't save fake Bitcoin 

Joshua Henslee, a CoinGeek employee, has stated that the Robinhood delisting is just a short-term headwind for BSV, but this is not supported by evidence. Joshua's job as a writer for BSV's media arm requires him to pen only positive things about the project, even though it is near death.

BSV has suffered a number of defeats that have doomed it as an enterprise data platform. No reputable companies build on BSV for good reason. The block sizes are so high to the point where blockchain explorers can't keep up, and transaction throughput is ruined by its highly insecure and centralized nature.

The pro-BSV subreddit, r/BitcoincashSV, had little to no posts today and none were about the Robinhood delisting. Fans of the project are decreasing at an increasingly fast rate as many investors realize the truth behind Craig Wright and the fake "Bitcoin" Association.


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