Udi Wertheimer Leaves Bitcoin and Moves to BSV After Ordinals Pressures

Udi Wertheimer with BSV logo

Udi Wertheimer was once one of the most vocal proponents of Bitcoin on social media. He regularly tweeted about the benefits of Bitcoin as a technology platform and how it would eventually replace traditional fiat currencies.

Although, Wertheimer became frustrated recently when a developer found a hole in the Ordinals protocol and thus left the Bitcoin world in need of a different place for JPEG inscription.

developer pokes hole in ordinals
Kurt Wuckert Jr speaking

Things took a turn when Wertheimer stumbled upon a video by Kurt Wuckert Jr, a well-known supporter of Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV). In the video, Wuckert explained how BSV was designed to employ Craig Wright's vision of unlimited block sizes and unrestricted OP codes, allowing the ability to mint non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on chain with low fees.

As he continued to research, he became convinced that this was where the future of digital assets lay and decided to make the switch from Bitcoin to BSV. But, he missed the part where Craig Wright (the hero of some BSVers) was losing his latest fight against Core developers for his many forgeries.

With CoinGeek impressed by Wertheimer's dedication to BSV, Kurt Wuckert Jr was dispatched to officially hire Wertheimer. Wuckert reached out to him directly on a Zoom call to ask if he would consider joining the team as a writer:

"Udi, we love everything you stand for and your wit. Making the switch from the fake Bitcoin was a bold decision... We want YOU on the side of the truth at CoinGeek."

Satisfied with the offer, Udi penned his first CoinGeek piece the next week, titled "How the Maxis drove me to the real Bitcoin."


⚠️ This article is satire