Craig Wright Announces Lawsuit Against OkCoin Over April Fools Prank

Craig Wright with Okcoin and BSV logos

On Friday, April 1st, OkCoin announced that Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) was relisted on their exchange. As it turns out, they really never did - it was all an elaborate April fools prank that started on Twitter. They even put the cherry on top with a sh*tcoin emoji where the BSV price chart normally would be.

The leader of BSV, Dr Craig Wright, had a plan to combat OkCoin's transgression. In a special CoinGeek Weekly Livestream interview with Kurt Wuckert Jr, Wright remarked:

"It's quite amazing that these baboons didn't know my invention can scale to billions of transactions per second. We plan to file a lawsuit against OkCoin for their illegal prank on the real Bitcoin"

Wuckert nodded in agreement as Faketoshi continued to rage at OkCoin for their joke about BSV. He then took the chance to congratulate Faketoshi on his latest news appearance:

"You did an excellent job in your recent appearance on Kitco News showing the Greg Maxwell NPCS why you're Satoshi."

Wright thanked Wuckert and shouted into his webcam:

"Just like my successful lawsuits against Ira Kleiman and all my other enemies, our case against OkCoin will end in its downfall."

Startled by the outburst, Wuckert changed the segment to a waiting guest: Stefan Matthews.

As Craig attempted to regain his composure, Matthews explained why he agreed with Wright's plan regarding OkCoin, saying to Wuckert:

"We all know Craig is Satoshi; his flawless appearance on Kitco the other day further shows his brilliance. Can you imagine thinking it's one of those cypherpunk guys like Nick Szabo or Adam Back! OkCoin owes Craig for their actions."

Quietly, by order of a Slack message, Wright's lawyers met in a English office, discussing a legal strategy to take down OkCoin.

The show ended with an nChain intern sprinting into Wright's room holding a whiskey bottle, while Wuckert pulled out his Mountain Dew, and Matthews grabbed his favorite London ale. The three men virtually cheered with their drinks as they announced a new era of BSV, beginning with the downfall of OkCoin.

OkCoin CEO Hong Fang

When asked about the lawsuit, OkCoin CEO Hong Fang smiled and said, "BSV will be at zero by the time the lawsuit sees court."


⚠️ This article is satire