Hal Finney's Wife Announces Half Marathon Bitcoin Fundraiser for ALS Research

Hal Finney with his wife Fran Finney

Hal Finney's wife, Fran Finney, has announced a half-marathon Bitcoin fundraiser called "Running Bitcoin" for ALS research. Bitcoiners rejoiced as the legendary computer scientist's old Twitter account woke up containing her surprise. The event will take place from January 1st to January 10th and there are options to donate online.



Hal Finney tragically passed away in 2014 after a long battle with ALS, a terminal disease which slowly paralyzes your entire body. He was an avid runner and the fundraiser will honor his memory.

As the second user of Bitcoin, and an avid contributor, his story is a favorite in the Bitcoin world.

Fran Finney has dedicated the rest of her life to the ALS cause in an effort to help quell the disease that took her beloved partner. An optimist and fan of life extension, Hal Finney was cryogenically frozen at Alcor in the hopes of someday waking up with a cure to ALS.