Local Kids Make Fun of Faketoshi

Faketoshi and laughing kids

In a small English town, there lived a group of middle school age kids who loved Bitcoin. One day, news of a scammer named Craig Wright reached the ears of the youngsters. They heard around town that Mr. Wright was nothing more than a fraud, pretending to be someone he wasn't: Satoshi Nakamoto.

Soon, they realized that Wright lived in the neighborhood near their school. Intrigued by Wright's Bitcoin Cash fork and his rumored lack of prowess, they concocted a plan.

One evening, after a long day at school, the group of kids decided to pay Mr. Wright a visit and knocked on the door. After they asked for a lesson in computer science, Wright, fueled by his hubris, decided to let the children in.

Surrounded by bottles of whiskey and various computers, Wright began his lecture on the supposed true nature of blockchain technology. A minute into the presentation, the kids asked in unison:

"Mr Wright, are you the real Satoshi Nakamoto?"

Wright looked up, startled by the sudden interruption, and replied sternly:

"Yes, I am. And you should know that BTC is not Bitcoin, BSV is."

The children snickered amongst themselves and exchanged glances, then asked:

"What's a BSV, mister?"

Wright took a deep sigh and explained:

"It's the real Bitcoin. The protocol is designed how I, Satoshi Nakamoto, originally intended it to be. It's the opposite of BTC, which was ruined by the core trolls."

The kids took the opportunity, saying:

"No, Faketoshi, BSV is a Bitcoin Cash fork, and you have centralized control of the chain."

Wright abruptly ended the lesson and shouted at the kids as he chased them out of his rented mansion:

"You'll hear from my lawyers as soon as the sun rises tomorrow, you little fools!" 

They found joy in mocking Mr. Wright's pretentious, fraudulent behavior and told their friends at school the next day about the wild encounter with Faketoshi. And so, the legend of Faketoshi continued to live on, bringing endless entertainment and laughter to the young pranksters of the quaint English town.


⚠️ This article is satire