Top Projects in the DigiByte Ecosystem

Digibyte with its top projects

The crypto world is full of different projects and naturally, it can be hard to sift through and find the ones that truly adhere to the ethos set by Satoshi Nakamoto. DigiByte is a PoW blockchain that matches this ethos, featuring strong decentralization, privacy, and smart contract capabilities in a combination that few other chains possess.

Most importantly, many PoS altcoins are being targeted by the SEC, and since DigiByte is based on Bitcoin's architecture, it is a far safer chain to develop on. In addition, DigiByte has a proven track record since it was launched in 2014, making it far older than most other competitors. In this article, I will explore the top projects in the DigiByte ecosystem and explain the reasons for their success.

1. digiassetX

Utilizing DigiByte's smart contract capabilities, digiassetX is a company which produced an NFT platform allowing NFT minting and a secure marketplace. In comparison to NFT platforms on other chains, the underlying network is secure and decentralized, so you don't have to worry about any network instability.

The UX of the platform makes it easy for newcomers to create NFT projects quickly on-chain. With the rise of NFT minting on numerous chains, including Bitcoin Ordinals, a simplistic, secure experience is highly sought after, and you can be sure digiassetX delivers this. The project was entirely self funded and multiple different open source applications have been built using digiassetX.

2. DigiWare Smart Layer

DigiCorp Labs is a company building various software solutions, including "DigiWare" which features a powerful "smart layer" allowing developers to write solidity smart contracts that are secured by the DigiByte blockchain. This flexibility will attract numerous developers and provide a solution for numerous future projects wishing to take advantage of the Turing complete nature of Solidity.


Gary Gensler is becoming increasingly bold in his lawsuits against vulnerable PoS altcoins. All targeted chains so far have been PoS, and as such, DigiByte already commands a higher value than these other chains, including the projects utilizing its technology.

DigiByte is objectively undervalued and offers numerous unique solutions that have been overlooked. Still, it will take time for the excellent platforms described in this article to attract users on a mass scale. With the next iteration of DigiByte (8.22) in testing mode, the future of the project is undeniably strong.