The Top 5 Zilliqa Projects

Top 5 Zilliqa projects

During this market crisis, many coins like LUNA have fallen, but others have survived and held their own. Zilliqa is a disruptor I have previously covered, which is now experiencing some strong market consolidation. As proof of this, Zilliqa, currently #72, is now ranked 10 places higher than close competitor Harmony One, which is at #82. This is an impressive feat given Harmony was above Zilliqa considerably for over a year.

As the first blockchain built on a sharded architecture, Zilliqa has an impressive track record not commonly seen in L1 blockchains. Today, I'll explore five of the best projects built on Zilliqa that could change the crypto space.


5. Zilswap    

Zilswap is the first DEX on Zilliqa. With a clean and intuitive design, anyone can use Zilswap to change their tokens to others in the Zilliqa ecosystem, such as the ones on this list. With its own ZRC-20 token, ZWAP, users can vote on important changes to the protocol. In addition, dapp users can add their ZWAP tokens to liquidity pools and earn rewards through yield farming. While the token lacks some utility, it gives users a voice and increases transparency.

4. Carbon   

Carbon is a new project aiming to create a suite of apps that are easy to use and serve as a portal to the metaverse and DeFi. The first major offering is a wallet and Dapp explorer called Alchemy. It allows you to access the data of any app built on Carbon, and the secure wallet is straight forward to use. The second product being developed by the Carbon team is Avatar, a software which allows you to create an avatar to use in the Metaverse, as well as a secure login for various dapps. Next, is graphene, a sidechain built on Zilliqa for EVM compatibility among other benefits like interoperability, powered by a new token called GRPH. The last product is Carbswap, a new DEX which is currently in development. CARB is the utility token used for staking and to pay transaction fees.

3. LunarCrush

A project you may have heard of previously, LunarCrush is the premier social analytics company for the crypto industry. They are famous for their various tools and "Coin of the Day" rankings. However, they've since released a new token called LUNR which unlocks new capabilities and incentives in their platform. The Zilliqa blockchain allows them to establish transparency with users in a time when companies performing similar functions usually aren't. Some main uses of the LUNR token are rewards for holding, staking, and as an incentive for referring friends and participating in the platform.

2. XCAD   
XCAD Network

XCAD is a project I covered recently after a massive increase in the XCAD coin price. The goal of the XCAD network is to create a suite of Dapps that enable YouTube content creators to mint their own fan tokens. By use of the browser plugin, fans can earn tokens by simply watching videos by their favorite creators.

The XCAD DEX is already up and running.  STEPN, a DeFi app on Solana that pays you for running, launched their "Move To Earn" campaign, while XCAD aims to be the premier dapp for YouTube in the "Watch to Earn" revolution. Oliver Bell, the founder of XCAD, is an experienced professional who has led the project flawlessly so far. In recent news, the XCAD team gave a new video preview of the XCAD browser plugin, which will be released in a few months.

1. Metapolis   

Another project I have covered in the past, Metapolis is the first Metaverse as a Service (MaaS) in crypto, built on Zilliqa. The basic idea is for different companies and organizations to build their own "domes" which are part of a massive system, with Zilliqa city (the main dome) connecting them all. This unique approach, along with a team of experts led by Sandra Helou and Mohan Ponnada has shown Metapolis is serious business.

There are plans to utilize the mostly forgotten gZil governance token for Zilliqa City to enable a fair and vibrant ecosystem. Metapolis' biggest competitors such as the Sandbox and Decentraland, which are built on Ethereum, are also subject to high gas fees and network congestion, as opposed to Zilliqa's transaction fees being in the pennies and a sharded infrastructure.

The Metapolis launch event was an overall success, and big brands such as Agora have already joined. Based on all the evidence and Zilliqa's track record, Metapolis will likely steal a significant market share from their top competitors.