The Best Art in Bitcoin

the best Bitcoin art with Bitcoin logo

The Ordinals protocol is often said to be one of the most significant developments in the Bitcoin protocol. Its proponents have argued that the key use case of Ordinals (NFTs on the Bitcoin mainnet) is the best thing to happen to Bitcoin in a long time.

While the concept is arguably interesting, there are also major issues. For example, while some digital creations show real effort, a lot of arbitrary data is being loaded onto Bitcoin. As a result, in my opinion, the best art in Bitcoin is not seen digitally, but is in the real world, created by some of Bitcoin's strongest proponents.

Today, I will cover what I think is the best art in Bitcoin, which is exemplified by two impressive artists: FractalEncrypt and Bitcoin Apex, who each create art that uniquely highlights the brilliance of the Bitcoin protocol.


A professional artist who creates a truly different type of real life art, FractalEncrypt puts unbelievable precision and care into his sculptures, which often take the form of a large scale chronometer depicting the Bitcoin protocol in its truest glory. In my opinion, he is the Michelangelo of the Bitcoin world.

On the topic of the origins of his pseudonym, he has stated:

"The name actually came from a long-standing love of fractals, both fractal geometry and the creation of fractals"

The beautiful geometry and fractals he uses to create his work is highly evident and is a sight to behold:

FractalEncrypt sculpture

The above piece beautifully reflects sunlight with its chrome finish, while brilliantly showcasing the Bitcoin logo in the center, surrounded by flawless mathematical art. It is truly difficult for Ordinals users to compete with this level of skill, especially when you consider the immense amount of time and dedication which goes into FractalEncrypt's real-life creations.

His works are so impressive and sought after that famous businessman and Bitcoin whale, Michael Saylor, purchased one of FractalEncrypt's Full Node sculptures, which he proudly displayed on X in 2021:

If you decide to purchase one of FractalEncrypt's sculptures, it is safe to say that you will not be disappointed. There are few sculptors in the world who can truly match this level of quality.

Bitcoin Apex

A Bitcoin artist who dabbles in a significantly different type of art than FractalEncrypt (pencil art), Bitcoin Apex stuns his audience with black and white creations that look like they belong in a museum:

Bitcoin Apex art piece

The way the various components pop off the page, makes this piece appear more like a sculpture rather than 2D art. Simply put, there are extremely few artists in the world of this type that can match the quality put forward by Bitcoin Apex.

Recently, Bitcoin Apex celebrated a monumental milestone on his X profile: 1000 total prints being sold in the world. It is an extremely well deserved achievement, given his immense skill and dedication.


It is an honor to cover individuals who exemplify the beauty of the Bitcoin protocol in profound ways.

Satoshi Nakamoto must be incredibly pleased to see individuals like FractalEncrypt and Bitcoin Apex who care about Bitcoin so deeply, sharing their love of the best money in history with the world through unbelievably high quality art.