Popular YouTuber Rug Pulls Supporters in $500k Token Scam

Ice Poseidon


YouTube creator Ice Poseidon recently decided to dabble in cryptocurrencies, as he attempted to make his own token called "CxCoin" using BNB Chain. According to sources, after luring investors into his "content creator project," he rug pulled an estimated $500k from the supporters of his coin.

Before his rug pulling days

Ice Poseidon's real name is Paul Denino. He was first a streamer on Twitch for the game known as Old School Runescape before becoming a YouTube scammer. Through crazy feats like killing higher ranked players and gambling/winning tons of in-game Runescape currency, he quickly attracted a large audience.

Twitch ban

Denino transitioned to streaming mostly IRL in 2016. He began to amass an even larger audience than previously. After foolishly revealing the terminal number of his plane in April 2017, a crazed fan swatted him by telling the FBI that he was going to blow up a bomb. The FBI stopped his flight and he was banned from Twitch permanently afterwards. While this wasn't his fault, his immature behavior on streams led to crazed fans stalking his personal life.


After cryptocurrencies piqued Denino's attention, he decided to release his own token for content creation called "CxCoin." Ultimately, given his personality, it was not long before disaster struck. Liquidity pools began to form for the project and Denino happened to have control over the smart contract, so he drained the pools and pocketed all the money. YouTube creator Coffeezilla exposed Denino to the world in an one on one interview.

They say all good things must come to an end, and it's no different for Mr. Ice Poseidon. His investors lost all their money, and he refused to return it in his interview with Coffeezilla, making his fan base now almost nonexistent. After his rug pull was discovered, the broader internet essentially cancelled him as well.