The 10 Best Memes that Describe Craig Wright and BSV

Craig Wright effect

The creator of the Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, is a cypherpunk genius who unleashed the greatest financial revolution in history. Many people have been purported to be Satoshi, like Nick Szabo and Hal Finney, although no reputable candidate has publicly claimed to be the creator of Bitcoin.

As a result of Satoshi's silence, serial fraud Craig Wright began the assertion that he was Satoshi Nakamoto in 2015. In 2018, he started a Bitcoin Cash fork known as Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV), which is a monumental Ponzi scheme.

To any knowledgeable person in the crypto space, these are obvious facts. But, since gullible people exist who can't read into an obvious scam, many people have fallen for the Faketoshi scheme. Faketoshi is so good at scamming people, that he convinced a billionaire named Calvin Ayre to fund his BSV activity. Ayre started a media firm called CoinGeek, which posts nothing but BSV propaganda.

The CoinGeek leadership, consisting of Ayre along with Chief BSV "Historian" Kurt Wuckert Jr, perpetuate the lies of BSV being Bitcoin and solving all the problems in crypto through unlimited block sizes. In reality, it's a house of cards, with Wright and Ayre solely at the top to benefit. Today I will show the best memes which describe the BSV Ponzi scheme. 


10. Bitcoin vs BSV price performance

Bitcoin vs BSV price meme

Whenever a BSVer tries to maliciously convince you that the Bitcoin network is owned by Mastercard, and that BSV is a better investment, show them this meme.

(made by myself)

9. Realization of the BSV ponzi scheme

BSV is Bitcoin meme

As a Bitcoin Cash fork and not being the longest chain of POW, BSV is undeniably not Bitcoin. But this doesn't stop paid shills like Kurt Wuckert Jr from constantly repeating the fake claim to goat more unsuspecting people into throwing money into the scam.

8. Faketoshi card


Craig Wright joker card meme

credit to Tim Tayshun

7. Bitcoin vs BSV


Bitcoin vs BSV tattoo meme

6. The IPv6 mistake

Faketoshi IPv6 meme

Craig Wright, despite what people think, is not good at cosplaying as Satoshi.

5. BSV Blockchair explorer

BSV Blockchair explorer meme

BSV has such large block sizes that explorer service Blockchair couldn't keep up. What a useable blockchain!

4.  When your forgeries are just that sloppy


Craig Wright forgery meme


Notice the "Peer-to-eer" mistake!

3. Back in 2018...


Craig Wright BTC price performance meme

Since when did the real Satoshi or any other inventor want to see their own revolutionary creation fail?

2. Craig Wright Effect


Craig Wright Effect

1.  Chief BSV Historian (shill) Kurt Wuckert Jr goofs


Craig Wright created BSV meme

We helped bring this one on 😂



Credit to Peter Scott-Morgan for memes unless otherwise specified