The Top 5 Rappers Interested in Crypto

Bitcoin and Ethereum next to turntable

Music is a great way to lower stress and explore the world around us. While financial technology has been relatively stagnant until the advent of crypto, Bitcoin, NFTs and smart contracts are unlocking a new way for artists to connect with their audience and the crypto industry. Of all the music genres, though, Hip Hop appears to be the most popular among crypto enthusiasts and artists alike. Today I will explore the top five rappers interested in the crypto space based on their endeavors.


Lupe Fiasco
source: Lupe Fiasco's YouTube

5. Lupe Fiasco 

Lupe Fiasco is often seen as one of the best lyricists ever. He is no stranger to trying to new things, as he continually signals his love for blockchain technology, saying it will "revolutionize the music industry."

His biggest achievement is his new project, LFT, which allows fans to purchase limited edition NFTS, and use those NFTS to unlock free concert tickets among other benefits in his fan-verse. The project is built on Ethereum.

photo by Joella Marano

4. Jay-Z

Undeniably the greatest businessman on this list, Jay-Z is a rapper turned billionaire who has generated a wide-ranging audience across the world. Through his new "Bitcoin Academy" in the projects of Brooklyn, New York, developed with funding from Block CEO Jack Dorsey, Jay-Z is aiming to bring the powerful knowledge of the #1 cryptocurrency to the youngest generation.

Upon completion of the program, students will receive about $20 worth of BTC to jumpstart their future in investing. Despite some criticism due to price action, which is to be expected, the teachers of the program continue to power through with Jay-Z's philanthropic effort.

source: Billboard

3. Nas

One of the greatest rappers of all time, and often times labeled the GOAT because of his hit album Illmatic, Nas has taken a dive into crypto like few others. A businessman like Jay-Z, Nas has praised crypto for its ability to include fans in the royalty process. So, he decided to allow fans to own the royalty rights of two of his songs: "Ultra Black" and "Rare" as NFTs through a service he invested in called Royal. This is truly a unique use case for NFTs.

He has also shown his support for L1 blockchain Flow.

Money Man
source: Money Man's YouTube

2. Money Man

The youngest person on this list, Money Man made history by becoming the first rapper to accept a studio salary entirely in Bitcoin - totaling over $1 million. The transaction was effortlessly done using Block's cash app. He also has released a famous album called Blockchain, which showcases his dedication and love for the crypto industry. He also runs a Telegram channel where fans discuss crypto.

Snoop Dogg
source: Snoop Dogg's YouTube

1. Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is undeniably the biggest fan of crypto in the Rap industry. Famous for excellent albums like Doggystyle, Snoop Dogg brings his unique personality to the crypto industry like no other through his many efforts.

Besides frequently buying NFTs, like a BAYC (which is often his Twitter profile picture), Snoop Dogg announced he was building a "Snoopverse" on the Sandbox, which includes a mansion in the metaverse mirrored after his real one among NFT drops.

He's also the only artist on this list to consistently post on X about crypto. While he hasn't done a deal as impressive as Money Man, his dedication to the crypto industry has persuaded his millions of listeners to jump into crypto.